VCO Activities description

Rural areas in Sudan, especially in rain-fed traditional farming regions, rely mainly on agriculture for their livelihood and food supply. But due to climate change and fluctuation in rainfall; these areas were hit by several cycles of drought in recent decades; producing food insecurity and lower income.
Unfortunately; these situations are further complicated by a lack of investment, production services, and financial services; in addition to low-level social and public services provided that would otherwise enable these rural communities to deal with these challenges.
Vet-Care Organization (VCO) is working with public authorities, research institutes, national and international NGOs, local and international donors, and indeed with rural communities themselves to manage these challenges and establish rural development through the improvement of sustainable food security and livelihood, support of social services and community development and peacebuilding programs.

Improvement of Sustainable Rural Food Security and Livelihood

Food security is an essential human right and basic requirement for development, therefore; in addition to agriculture being the main economic activity in rural areas; sustainable improvement of agriculture production and productivity of food and cash crops stands as the major intervention needed to secure food and improve livelihood in these areas.

VCO is seeking to establish this improvement with other partners through the following   activities:

•    Mobilize and Organize farmers in agricultural associations.
•    Provision associations with management and agricultural training.
•    Support the associations with appropriate (middle-technology) farming tools and improved seeds.
•    Establishment of added value activities.
•    Linking farmers with production services providers, microfinance institutions, private sector and markets.
•    Implementation of environment conservation activities.
•    Establishment of renewable energy programs.

Support of Social Services

Social services provision is a basic human right and is essential to development since they support individuals well being and promote the social capital of the community.
VCO implements the following activities to support rural social services:
•    Support and promotion of Education programs.
•    Support and promotion of health programs.
•    Selection and training of local midwives.
•    Rehabilitation and construction of water resources.
•    Implementation of sanitation programs and building of latrines.
•    Rehabilitation and construction of community centers.
•    Establishment of elderly and disabled support programs.

Community Development and Peace Building

In order to establish rural development; rural communities need to be engaged in managing their resources and services to achieve local capacity building and success & sustainability of development programs
Relevant knowledge and skills are needed, which are provided through the following activities;

•    Implementation of participatory approaches in delivery of local development programs.
•    Training in collective management of local resources and services.
•    Training in agricultural and technical skills.
•    Provision of civic education.