Vet-Care Organization (VCO)

Vet-Care Organization (VCO) is a Sudanese non-governmental, non-political, non-ethnic, non-religion and not-for-profit organization; with independent legal entity established in accordance with the Humanitarian and Voluntary Work Act.

In order to achieve its strategy, VCO activities are guided by three priority themes:

  • Improvement of Sustainable Rural Food Security and livelihood.
  • Support of Social Services.
  • Community development and peace building.
Working together saves resources and efforts.


VCO has been cooperating with other local and international developmental bodies since the time the organization was founded; to reach common goals and objectives. We learn from each other’s dificulties and save resources and efforts.

For example but not limited to, VCO hase developed cooperation with; WFP-Sudan (Farmer to Market Project, Livestock componant), Plan Sudan-North Kordofan (Civic Education Program), UNDP/DDR, PACT-Sudan and SRDC (Conecting x-combatants to relevant financial institutions, North Kordofan Program). As general rule, in all its projects VCO creats strong and effictive networking mechanisms between relevant local authorites, NGOs and community based organizations.

mission (1)

Our Mission

To contribute in strengthening of rural communities in Sudan. To achieve food security, improved livelihood and peace.

vision (1)

Our vision

A food secure, economically viable and peaceful sudanese rural community.


Donor Exhibition Day

On the 3rd of Dec 2013, VCO participated in DDR Implementation Partners exhibition in response to an invitation by UNDP-

Representative of LCF-Embassy of Finland Visit to Khamas area North Kordofan State

On the first week of February, Finland Embassy; Local cooperation Fund (LCF) Coordinator, VCO Executive Manager, VCO-NK office Director and

SRDC/VCO Cooperation MoU

On the 20th  of February 2013 VCO signed an MoU with the Sudan Rural Development Company in order to achieve

Our Partners