Vet-care Organization (VCO) conducted a Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) in December, 2014 and the findings were as follows:


Somia Bint Alkhayat Basic School for Girls established in 1954 approximately 61 years ago without proper maintenance. The school located in Western Sudan, North Kordofan State, Abu Haraz Administration unit (Somia Bint Alkhayat Basic School for Girls), located 30 Km West of Elobeid city and 700 Km South West Khartoum The current situation of the school's buildings are as follows:


The administration in South Sudan faced by enormous challenges included but not limited to; lack of trained personal, basic infrastructure and services including services for people with disabilities.

The FCDC directly addresses the promotion of the welfare of targeted children by enhancing their emotional and behavioral development through the concept of PLAY AND LEARN. Protection and security are provided by the provision of a safe, adequately supervised space for children to gather and play.

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