Provision of Civic Education

Provision of Civic Education (4)

In order to establish rural development; rural communities need to be engaged in managing their resources and services to achieve local capacity building and success & sustainability of development programs
Relevant knowledge and skills are needed, which are provided through the following activities;

•    Implementation of participatory approaches in delivery of local development programs.
•    Training in collective management of local resources and services.
•    Training in agricultural and technical skills.
•    Provision of Civic education.

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Capacity Building Workshops (2007-2011)

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During these training series over 300 participants from different governmental entities were trained in the period from (2007-2011) in different aspects of public administration. These training sessions included:

The FCDC directly addresses the promotion of the welfare of targeted children by enhancing their emotional and behavioral development through the concept of PLAY AND LEARN. Protection and security are provided by the provision of a safe, adequately supervised space for children to gather and play.

The project focused on three IDPs settlements in Rural Kassala Locality: Wad Shareefi area 35 km south Kassala Town , Elafa area 33 km south Kassala Town and Fato area 10 km south west Kassala Town with a total population of about 55,000 inhabitants (settlers and IDPS). The project focused mainly on Women, Youth and school Children.

Khammas area is located in the western region of Sudan in North Kordofan state, Abozabad locality; it consists of 5 villages and a IDPs camp (Khamas Eldonkey, Halab, Hajar, Alnair and Umaireg) with an estimated total population of 25,700 (According to the National Population Council).