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Rehabilitation of Khamas Aldonkey Health Centre (2007-2008)

The Khamas area situated in the western region of Sudan, North Kordofan State, Abuzabad locality, the project covered five villages and IDPs camp with an estimated population of 24,700 inhabitants.

The whole community was targeted by the project but women and children are considered to be the most vulnerable groups, Despite of their major role in the community, since women participate intensively in the agricultural practices, children bearing, cooking, fetching water during summer and taking care of the house , women still suffer from inferiority in the community, the health situation of women is very poor for example there are no trained midwives in the all targeted villages and this is reflect on the high mortality among women, infants and children.

Improving Health Care Services for Khamas Inhabitants:

With the support of the social fund for development-French Embassy in Sudan and under the instruction of VCO and its local partners, the inhabitants of Khamas area have enjoyed the improved health care services: The central Health Centre in Khamas Aldonkey village was rehabilitated, constructed and supplied with equipments, pharmaceuticals and solar system to supply electricity, providing sustainable form of health services to about 24,700 inhabitants in Khamas area and the IDPs camp. The project promoted the maternal health care by training of six midwives selected from the targeted 5 villages and the IDPs camp enabling Khamas women to have safe birth delivery services. Moreover, the training of a woman from the community as a laboratory technician provided the community with a sustainable diagnostic facility.  


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Ms. Maysa M.E. Elsarag

Program Officer, Head Quarter Office. 

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