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Sudanese Sign Language Training Course Unity State-Bentui May 2009

The administration in South Sudan faced by enormous challenges included but not limited to; lack of trained personal, basic infrastructure and services including services for people with disabilities.

The Deaf training program in Sudanese sign language in Bentui, Unity State considered to be the first initiative in the hall South Sudan targeting Deaf youths and teachers of primary school.

With the support of WNPOC, Community Development (CD) department and under the instruction of VCO and its local partners (SMOSW), in Unity State, 52 participants (9 primary school teachers & 43 deaf) from the local community of Bentui town have Understand the Sudanese Unified sign language for Deaf: the project managed to train 43 deaf and 9 primary school teachers, the participants acquired and understand the Sudanese Unified sign language for Deaf and they were capable to disseminate the Sudanese Unified sign language among the other deaf in Bentui, additionally the project contributes in merging the deaf people in their communities; 10 open sessions (direct conversations) were held between the deaf and     different stockholders, service providers and community leaders in order to Facilitate the communication between the deaf and their communities for better job opportunities.

The project managed by its intervention strategy to train 9 teachers from the Ministry of Education as TOT, establishment of the first nucleus for the education of people with special needs in the southern states by establishment of the deaf educational center in Bentui, establishment of the first initial Statistics of the Deaf in Bentui and also draw the attention of the officials and the community to the needs of the deaf and how to deal with them as important as the other segments.


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Dr. Momen Sadig Mohammed

Director General, Head Quarter Office

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