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Reconstruction of Hamadab Village Primary School (2013)

Project Location:
Hamadab Village is located in Gazira State, Hasahissa locality, Tabat administrative unit, approximately 190 km from Khartoum and 40 km from Hasahisa town to the south west.

Thanks to the support of the "Grant Assistance for Grassroots and Human Security Projects" program funded by the Embassy of Japan in khartoum, VCO and its local partners managed to achieve their goal of "A better learning envionment and quality education" to Hamadab students through construction of 8 classrooms and 4 teachers offices, to accommodate about 400 primary school students (boys & girls) in Hamadab village and five surrounding villages. In addition to that a school health unit, 2 school latrines and a fence were constructed.

Changing the situation
Hamadab Primary schools was constructed in 1991 by the community – self - support. It was constructed from local materials and since that time it was not rehabilitated, all classes were nearly to be fall down due to the bad foundations, in rainy season the school usually experience very big challenges in accommodating pupils; in most cases pupils do not report to school . According to the needs assessment conducted by Vet-care Organization among the target group, 93% of the parents see the school as unsafe for the children. Now, the new classrooms and school facilities provide a better learning environment for the students and the enrolment rate increased by more than 50%.

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Dr. Osama A. Elnawrani

Executive Manager, Head Quarter Office.

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