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Family and Child Development Centre (FCDC) -Hey Alomda, Omdurman, Khartoum State, (2010-2011)

The FCDC directly addresses the promotion of the welfare of targeted children by enhancing their emotional and behavioral development through the concept of PLAY AND LEARN. Protection and security are provided by the provision of a safe, adequately supervised space for children to gather and play.

The centre supports parents and families, along with local authorities and school teachers, to protect children, by raising their capacity to assess and address risks to children’s safety and well being. The action is also designed to support and inform of the universal agreements, such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and The Millennium Declaration which was adopted by United Nations General Assembly in September 2000.

The main activities of the action are the establishment of specially designed and equipped Family and Child Development Centre (FCDC), carrying out of Child rights awareness workshops, discussion groups with stake holder groups (150 parents, 20 primary school teachers and 90 local authority officials), 600 children between the (6-15 years old) were get benefits from the center during the project life time, in addition to the daily activities; Painting workshop class, Puppet theatre group, Children drama group, Music and songs group. The Children also get pleasure from the common activities such as library, computer and internet connection, Cinema shows, bicycles, sports, tennis tables…etc.

Future Horizons:

It was clear that the limited experiment of FCDC (as a pilot project) pointed at great potentialities for the idea and its attractive power in the local community as well as its ability to generate energy for social interaction an innovative attitudes. It seems that very limited social resistance against this idea, among both official and popular levels, can be developed. This social readiness and acceptance encourage the transfer of the experiment to other areas in Khartoum State and Sudan in general. In this case, such development may represent a serious positive change in social life, for the benefit of children, parents and society in general. This will be also a strong factor for strengthening the civil society in the country.


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Dr. Momen Sadig Mohammed

Director General, Head Quarter Office

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