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Fostering the culture of Human Rights and promoting the Democratic process

The project focused on three IDPs settlements in Rural Kassala Locality: Wad Shareefi area 35 km south Kassala Town , Elafa area 33 km south Kassala Town and Fato area 10 km south west Kassala Town with a total population of about 55,000 inhabitants (settlers and IDPS). The project focused mainly on Women, Youth and school Children.

The project directly addressed the peaceful coexistence between the different ethnic groups, the settlers and the IDPs in order to solve the problems of livelihood tensions between farmers and pastoralists, between different ethnic groups and between the settlers and the IDPs around the scarce resources in the area.

New Approach

VCO adopted a new approach to disseminate these messages to the community through theatre drama, puppet shows and radio drama. Children (48 pupils); as a change factor, were trained in puppet theatre techniques and were provided with the essential equipments and materials to disseminate these messages through simple entertainment method. 15 youths; as the power of change, were trained and organized to form theatre group with the objective of extending these concepts to others. 30 teachers were trained as trainers (ToT) in all the above concepts and values to spread the word among their children and their communities.

The Project also handled cross-cutting issues such as literacy classes where15 women were trained as trainers (ToT) in adult education techniques to conduct literacy classes to their peer fellows since we consider that women when well educated could be the essence of change for generations to come. Six school libraries were established at six primary schools. HIV/AIDS was tackled throughout the project's activities and was incorporated in all the above mentioned approaches.

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Dr. Ammar A.K. AbuMedian

Program Manager, Head Quarter Office

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