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Khammas Eldonkey Child Development Project (2010)

Khammas area is located in the western region of Sudan in North Kordofan state, Abozabad locality; it consists of 5 villages and a IDPs camp (Khamas Eldonkey, Halab, Hajar, Alnair and Umaireg) with an estimated total population of 25,700 (According to the National Population Council).

The project activities considered as tool work in the central village (Khammas Eldonkey) targeting the two main primary schools: Khammas Eldonkey Primary school for girls with 310 pupils and Khammas Eldonkey Primary school for boys with 370 pupils.

The main methods employed by the project are the awareness raising and training of the school teachers and drama education amongst school children to transmit the themes of the project. The project is to develop a strategy of using a general Child Rights angle as the entry point to naturally include harmful traditional practices such as FGM leading to discussion of rights, rights violations and traditional practices. Four mobile theaters were established and distributed to the targeted schools, 60 school children were trained on puppet shows and role play skills and performance and four puppet shows and role play were conducted at the two targeted schools in the themes of the project.

The second entry point is the skills which is acquired by the influential persons i.e. teachers; through the capacity building program,
20 primary school teachers were mobilized, organized and trained as trainers (ToT) in the field of peace, tolerance, democracy, equality, dialogue and woman, child and human rights as well as drama education approaches to supervise and encourage the schools’ activities. Drama education for children and their teachers is a tried and tested method used by VCO in its previous Child Development Projects in Kassala and Khartoum States to empower children and teachers to share knowledge and skills take responsibility for their actions and work as agents of change in their communities and schools.


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