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Food Security and Capacity Building Project-Bahr Eljabal State-Juba 2006-2007

Promoting peace and improving local development in Juba area

With the support of Lundin AB, VCO contributes in improving the income and livelihoods of the communities in Bahar Eljabal State- Juba area.

The goal of the project is to improve local development of the people of Bahr Eljabal State Juba area. The purpose of this project is to improve the income and livelihoods of the communities in the following ways: sustainable production and marketing of food processed items, sewing and handcraft items, improving veterinary services and promotion of new businesses in the food processing sector and related supporting activities, particularly for women.

The project managed to establish five Youth Development Centers (YDCs) equipped for work and processing of food; five cooperatives strengthened and cooperative management trained in bookkeeping and management; and five women’s associations formed generating modest profits through five to six small enterprises each. Additionally, the project has strengthened the veterinary services in juba city by rehabilitation and equipping of the central vet-clinic. More over women groups received training in peace building and conflict resolution.

The project results have contributed to improved market infrastructure for food processing products in Juba city, as well as a strengthened market-oriented human resource base and more equitable access for women to the productive sector by establishing and strengthening the capacity of women cooperatives and small scale enterprises as new market actors.

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Dr. Momen Sadig Mohammed

Director General, Head Quarter Office

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