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Establishment and Training of Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) Network Dindir Locality, Sinar State, Sudan (2006-2007)

Integrating community based animal health workers into the formal veterinary service delivery system

The veterinary authorities in Sudan had been the main providers of veterinary services; however, with the growth of the livestock sectors, the range and volume of veterinary services to be provided increased limiting the governments' capacity in service delivery.

With the support of WNPOC- Sudan, VCO responded to the needs for establishing a CAHWs network in around 30 villages and district in Dindir locality-Sinar State, in the project targeted area the herd health management had been in the hands of livestock owners and the public sector.

Farmers in these areas keep predominantly indigenous breeds of animals under either pastoral or agro-pastoral production systems, which are characterized by poor infrastructure, harsh climate and low household incomes.

VCO and its local partners sought to find new models for animal health service delivery that would be adapted to the prevailing financial reality by establishing CAHWs net work consist of 40 person to deliver the veterinary services in around 30 villages and district in Dindir Locality- Sinar State.  The targeted participants were equipped with essential equipments, adequate skills and knowledge on animal diseases, diagnosis, treatment, animal husbandry, book keeping and reporting and diseases prevention.

VCO worked with local partners to integrate the trained Community-based Animal Health workers into the formal veterinary services delivery system, this was achieved by establishing an steering committee consist of 5 CAHWs and headed by one veterinary officer from Dindir Locality, Department of Veterinary services, the steering committee will coordinate with the veterinary authority and collect the CAHWs performance reports.

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Dr. Osama A. Elnawrani

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