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Provision of Reintegration Services to Ex-combatants in Agriculture and Livestock in Khartoum and North Kordofan States.

livelihood activities to Ex-combatant

This project was funded by UNDP/DDR, targeting 434 Ex-combatants in Khartoum State and 339 Ex-combatants in North Kordofan State, the project scope in general promote a peaceful environment in Sudan through reintegration of the ex-combatants in the civil and social life by providing them with available information (awareness rising program) and income generating activities/opportunities in Agriculture and Livestock to enhance their economic independency and their social reintegration.

The project also provide special services for 35 Ex-combatants with disability including; health, advocacy on PDWs rights and laws. The project set of activities includes; registration, training, packages delivery and follow-up.

The reintegration services progrme was essentially designed on individual support but with advice to promote the group approach and link them with an established value chain; VCO was successfully established two groups of sheep production in Bara and Al-Rahad North Kordofan State and one group of poultry in Khartoum State. VCO is till support linking these groups to finance services and markets.

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Ms. Maysa M.E. Elsarag

Program Officer, Head Quarter Office. 

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