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Abyei Livelihood Recovery Program (ALRP) is a three-year (August 2010 – July 2013) project funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) Khartoum. The program is implemented by VCO (Muglad office) and SNV South Sudan (Abyei office). The project contributes in strengthening the environment for peace and stability in Abyei area.

The Abyei May 2011 incident caused displacement to Abyei inhabitants in to Agok south Kirr River and this is considered as one of the big challenges faced ALRP, after consultation with donor the project activities and Abyei office were shifted to Agok with some adjustments and a little bet changes in the activities to make the program in line with the new situation, making ALRP the first cross-border project after the separation of South Sudan.

The project set of activities contributed to livelihood security, peace and stability in the Abyei Area through working with the Abyei Secretariat of Agriculture, Animal Resources and Forestry (SAARF), State Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries (SMARF) in Southern Kordofan, Abyei community Action for Development (ACAD) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) like women’s groups, pastoral unions and traders associations. The project supported animal health initiatives promoted milk and meat handling and processing, restocked livestock and promoted marketing of livestock and gum acacia.

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Ms. Maysa M.E. Elsarag

Program Officer, Head Quarter Office. 

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