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Omlobana Women Empowerment Project 2010-2012

The 5 targeted villages of Omlobana area situated in the western part of (NKS) - Al-Khuai Locality. Here, agricultural practices are considered to be one of the most important sources of income in the area.

The project addressed the empowerment of women through improvement of food security, health status and increase household income through capacity building and improved inputs (Appropriate Agriculture Technology).

New, effective Farming Methods:

Under the instruction of VCO and its local partners in (NKS), women in Omlobana area have adopted new, effective farming methods: they use improved seeds and new agricultural tools (donkey plough, donkey sow and donkey hoe). The use of Appropriate Agriculture Tools save time increased the cultivated area and kept the soil fertility. The harvest is now rising to 65% and the cultivated area increased by 50%.

Promoting Health Services:

The project expanded the Omlobana health centre to rural health centre by adding delivery, laboratory and pharmacy units, in addition to the rehabilitation of the already existing building (wards, Doctors examination rooms, latrines and vaccination unit). More over the project equipped the facility with furniture and revolving drug supply. Also the project enhanced the maternal health services in the targeted area by training of six midwives.

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Ms. Huda Hassan Albahar

Office Director, Greater Kordofan Office.

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