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Khamas Al-donkey Area Women Empowerment Project (May2011- May 2013)

The 4 targeted villages of Khamas area situated in the western part of (NKS) - Abozabad Locality.

Here, cash crops (Hibiscus, Groundnut, Sesame, millet and sorghum) were produced and women ply a major role in the production cycle, the unpredictable farming environment for traditional rain-fed, fluctuating, and often low yields, decreased the contribution of the above cash crops in improving the rural food security and well-off of the targeted communities.

Bring in good harvest:

The project directly addressed the empowerment of women through; organizing, training and support to 110 needy families to produce and consume collectively. The targeted women were organized to establish 4 Women Agricultural Associations (WAAs). The association received technical training in the use of the appropriate agricultural tools in order to increase the cultivated area and save soil fertility, in addition improved seeds were distributed, now harvest yields are so high and women farmers able to sell surplus.

Agricultural Manufacturing (Added Value):

The project encouraged women farmers to engage in agricultural manufacturing, a one oil mill Machine in the central village (Khamas Al-donkey) was established, the activity focused on the best use and benefit of the by- products and increased household income through different ways; revenues for women farmers Associations (added value) can be increased through selling oils, and residuals of sesame and groundnuts can be used to feed animals, in addition to using oils for family consumption.

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Ms. Maysa M.E. Elsarag

Program Officer, Head Quarter Office. 

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