Featured Project

Strengthen the Food Security and Livelihood Recovery of Vulnerable Households- West Kordofan State:

This project is funded through the CHF-Sudan and it aims at improving the food security and livelihood situation of 6,250 individuals (1,250 vulnerable HHs) in South Kordofan State.

The project targeted newly displaced people (IDPs) & Non-Displaced Severely Affected communities in Al Sunut and El Salam localities, where low inputs, low return of agriculture and livestock are the main sources of livelihoods.

The project is directly addressing the root causes of food insecurity and factors that affecting livelihood standards of the targeted communities

through promotion of food production and diversification of households income in order to increase the resilience of the targeted communities to harsh climatic and economic conditions.

VCO interfered to through the following activities:

  1. Provision of drip irrigation kits and vegetable seeds to 3750 new IDPS.

  2. Provision of essential veterinary supplies and conduction of vaccination campaign.

  3. Rehabilitation of 3 water points in El Salam and Al Sunut localities

  4. Distribution of 500 posters / messages to 1250 HHs about resources management and environmental protection